Monday, September 23, 2013

Local breed flowerhorn growing stage........

Flowerhorn feed and medicine am using.....

Flowerhorn disease symptoms and cure.....


1.Sudden color change as darkness.

2.Stringy poop.

3.Not taking feed.

4.Not responding seating at the bottom near filter.

5.scratching body in stone.

6.pimple in head.

7.Hole in head.


1.change the water upto 77 percent and add salt after three hours to settle the fish.

2.don't feed ur fish for three days...

3.add some antibiotic medicine or deworming medicine.

4.don't feed live feeding regularly...

5.remove the pebbles and stone...


1.To increase flowerhorn hump feed high protein food it will increase the hump size.

2.keep mirror aside of the fish tank for 1 hour a day.

3.don't give more stress.

4.change 50 percentage of water once a week using tube.

5.Give them space to feel free.

6.most of all it depends upon the gene.

Flowern fish


1.Breeding guppies are easiest one just you need a male and female.

2.Tank size is not a matter to breed a guppies fish.

3.This the female pregnant spot.

4.It will be easy to get baby by leaving the pregnancy fish into the tub with one air stone.

5.Within 3 days u will be see the baby in tat bucket.
6.leave the babies alone and feed crushed pellet or egg.

7.Change water daily 75% to grow baby faster and feel healthy..